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COSTANSIN is a Software and Technology Solutions Provider based in Malta, Europe. We provide a range of IT services that help businesses become more successful. As a company we deliver Consultancy, Managed and Software Services.

Technology Solutions

We provide different technology solutions – from software development, to website design, online shops and mobile app development solutions. Additionally, we provide both consultancy and managed services to take care of all the IT processes in your organizations – from backups, to infrastructure management. Contact us for more details.

Our Team

We are an agile Startup based in Malta, Europe. What sets us apart from other Service Providers is our varied international experience. Despite being a startup, we have over 20 years experience in software development, infrastructure management and project consultancy services.

We are certified in ITIL4 and Agile Project Management Methodologies so we can focus on the value co-creation of your business.

As an Agile Team we are able to adapt quickly to be part of your DNA

Company Values

Part of Your DNA

One of our outstanding values is the ability to adapt to your company culture and values. We execute diligently by involving you through the whole process. Our team embraces the Agile philosophy and the Kaizen principles.

Restless Innovation

What keeps us ticking and motivated is our innate restless innovation for the sake of building solutions to real-world problems. We frequently organize and participate in hackathons to inspire people, startups and our employees.

Partner Care

We believe that for most companies, Customer Care is an afterthought that only starts after a project is delivered. That’s why prefer using the term Partner Care. We start caring from the moment you meet us, taking you through the project, and delivering. As a Partner, we preemptively work with you and involve you even before we shake hands over a project.


COSTANSIN Technology Group is a Private Limited Liability Company registered in Malta under the Malta Company Act (Reg: C 90506). Our leadership is made up of award winning tech entrepreneurs with extensive experience managing complex international projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company we embark in a number of CSR initiatives by giving our talent, time and effort to build technology that can help the society we live in. Our recent not-for-profit project, AED Malta, is a mobile app that helps users locate the nearest Automated External Defibrillators. This project, manned by the AED Malta Team, aims at raising awareness on First Aid and AED usage. You can say that we are literally trying to save people lives!

AED Malta – a corporate social responsibility initiative

If you are interested in getting to know us over a cup of coffee, get in touch! We are the leading IT Solutions Provider based in Malta. We specialize in IT Architecture, Consultancy, Software Services and Managed Services.