Business ChatBot Services

chatbot services

Have you ever noticed, while browsing on some websites, that you are instantly greeted, offered help and even recommending you additional services? These conversations are not commenced by ‘humans’ but rather, by chatbot services or virtual assistants.

These technologies are intuitive for customers and make sense for most companies as they are cheaper and more flexible than hiring full time employee doing mundane and repetitive tasks. At COSTANSIN, our Software Development and Emerging Technologies teams, can help you setup your chatbot to drive sales, improve customer services and lower costs.

Why implement ChatBot services with us?

We work both small and big organisations across different industries to leverage the emerging innovations in text, lexical and conversation machine learning AI. We guide you, through our consultation services, to recognize Chat Bots can profit your marketing, sales channels and customer care in real-time.

Based on your requirements, we design custom Chat Bots that starts from collecting customer and website data, store that information for later analytics and process real-time customer queries through simple and automated conversations. Companies can easily integrate our Chat Bots with their web applications, e-commerce systems, landing pages, and websites to leverage marketing automation.

Our ChatBot Services

We build the Chat Bot according to your needs by engaging at the full-cycle process. Unlike our competitors, we do not deploy some generic Chat Bot and leave you in the dark how to use it, and best harness its capabilities to drive sales and reduce costs.

Service ChatBots

These ChatBots can be used to guide customers in performing a task by asking relevant information during a conversation.

Assistant ChatBots

These are special ChatBots utilize AI to find the context behind a user input. These are advanced self-taught Chatbots that learn from their past conversations.

Social Messaging ChatBots

We can integrate Chatbots with social messaging apps such as Facebook to enable easy, faster and direct interactions between business and its customer base.