COSTANSIN launches Vector Medix – AI to Diagnose Medical Images

By costansin
AI to Diagnose Medical Images

Our tech team at COSTANSIN has recently launched an innovative Deep Learning platform called Vector Medix. Vector Medix is a toolkit that leverages AI to diagnose Medical Images such as X-Rays and CT Scans. This platform is ideal for hospitals, clinics and Radiologists to facilitate their work, including, automating the classification of diseases from an image.

About Vector Medix

Vector Medix is an innovative platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to automatically classify and diagnose diseases from processing medical images. In a world where there is shortage of medical staff, including specialised radiologists, this platform can be used to speed up diagnosis or help medical staff with their work.

vector medix

Our AI model can diagnose 14 different diseases from chest X-ray images. We are working on other features giving Vector Medix the ability to diagnose more diseases and other kinds of medical images.

The Growing Market for AI to Diagnose Medical Images

There is a growing global market where startups are using AI to diagnose medical images. What makes Vector Medix innovative is that it does not require you to upload images to remote servers. This makes Vector Medix one of the most robust and secure platforms – a requirement that made startups a challenge to penetrate European markets where there is a huge barrier protecting patients’ data.

Digital Health: Why use AI to Diagnose Medical Images?

Digital Health is one of our areas of expertise and we have launched a number of products in this space. We believe that with the democratising of AI tools, technologies and Cloud infrastructure, using AI to solve Health problems is no longer a hype but a reality.

We do not believe that AI will take over the jobs of medical professions, but instead, will facilitate, expedite and reduce human errors. Using AI for medical image analysis is one perfect use case. With latest AI models, we can achieve accuracy at par of a professional Radiologist.

Meet us at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019

COSTANSIN, through its AI solution Vector Medix, has consequently been invited to the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019. We will be at our dedicated startup booth where we want to welcome anyone who is interested in our Technology Services.

Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019

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