COVID-19 Click & Collect IT Solution in Malta

By costansin
covid19 click and collect malta

Given the current COVID-19 crisis in Malta, a number of shops, supermarkets and businesses are struggling with the delivery demands by the public. To help with the situation, COSTANSIN is introducing the COVID-19 Click & Collect IT Solution in Malta.

How does the COVID-19 Click & Collect IT Solution Work?

We provide an end-to-end solution for businesses based in Malta & Gozo. The idea is to get you online and make it easy for your customers to order products and schedule a time to collect them.

Our solution is comprised of 4 Phases which can be deployed in a short period of time:

  1. Consultation Session via Skype or WhatsApp to help you with the whole process.
  2. A fully fledged Website giving you online presence on computers and mobile phones alike.
  3. An eCommerce platform that allows your customers to pay you through a number of methods: Payment on Delivery, VISA/Mastercard and Revolut.
  4. Online booking click and collect– this allows your customer to schedule an appropriate delivery time. We have partnered with Scheduled247 to help you expedite scheduling in the most accurate way.

Why Is A Regular Website Not Enough?

While websites can help you increase your online presence, this is not enough given the current pandemic situation. The COVID-19 Click & Collect IT Solution that we are introducing in Malta encompasses much more than building you a website – it helps you through the whole service delivery chain.

If you are interested in enhancing your business through our IT Solutions, we welcome you to get in touch! We are the leading IT Services Delivery company in Malta and Gozo.