COVID-19 QR-Menu Restaurant Solution

By costansin

With the recent developments of COVID-19, your food and drink outlet business can be severely impacted. Most countries around the world that are allowing gradual opening of these outlets are imposing a number of restrictions. Among these restrictions is the single-use menu mandatory use. We offer a better, cheaper and unique solution – the QR-Menu Restaurant Solution.

Why the Single-Use Menu is a Bad Idea?

Single-use menus might look like a good idea to combat Covid-19. But this comes at the expense of your pockets and the detriment of the environment. Having to print a menu for each of your customers is a very costly exercise. Not to mention all the paper waste! Simply put, would you pay EUR1.5/menu/person?

The QR-Menu solution

We came up with an alternative, innovative, quick-to-deliver and cost effective solution. We generate a unique QR code printout that is tailor-made for you, as per the image below. You can stick this code on somewhere convenient such as the tables, walls, or windows.


This QR code will redirect your patrons to a digital menu of your choice from their mobile phones. Depending on where you place this code, you might even not need to throw it away, but instead keep using it forever!

If you are interested in enhancing your business with a QR-Menu, simply get in touch! We are the leading and innovative tech company in Malta and Gozo.