CrowdTrustFund – Crowdfunding on the Blockchain

By costansin
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CrowdTrustFund is an innovative solution that combines Crowdfunding and Blockchain technologies. CrowdTrustFund aims to bring transparency and trust in crowdfunding projects.

Challenges in Crowdfunding

While Crowdfunding has revolutionized the way companies and entrepreneurs raise money for their projects, leading to more innovation and increased economy, it does not come without flaws.

One of the issues with current Crowdfunding platforms is that a campaign starter, can, in theory, run away with the raised money and not deliver what was promised during the campaign. Such scams are unfortunately very common, and have left many backers and investors disappointed.

The second issue with current Crowdfunding platforms is that the backers have no guarantee that the money raised will be used to actually develop the product. While this may be similar to the first issue, imagine a situation where a campaign starter decides to spend half the money raised to further market the product rather than building the product and deliver within the promised time-frames. This is also another common issue.

Crowdfunding and Blockchain

With our innovative platform, CrowdTrustFund solves the aforementioned issues with traditional crowdfunding. Our Blockchain platform allows people who are funding the project, to decide when and where the funds are released. Through Smart Contracts, an election is made every time the project owner wants to transfer funds.

Our approach guarantees visibility at all phases of the project. This means that the platform reduces abuse and scams that can hurt investors. Hosting your campaign with us, can attract more potential backers as it gives them more peace of mind.

Not Just For Crowdfunding

CrowdTrustFund’s platform can be used for a number of other situations where trust needs to guaranteed on the movement of money between three or more parties. One of the most common scenarios is releasing money in a trust agreement. At CrowdTrustFund, we’re committed to make it easy, reliable and transparent to transfer money between two parties on the trigger of an event.

Whether a traditional Crowdfunding project, or a sum of money to be transferred after a stipulated circumstance, the CrowdTrustFund platform can be used to reliable transfer money between Trust owners and Trustees. With our innovative platform, Smart Contracts kick off automatically the fund transfer without the dependency of a third party.

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