Digital Health: “AED Malta” Mobile App Featured on TV

By costansin
AED Malta Gadgets Feature

Digital Health in Malta has been recently thriving at a rapid pace. At COSTANSIN we truly believe that technology can shape the future of Health. We are among Malta’s leading Digital Health companies, having contributed to innovative web and mobile applications. One of our recent mobile apps is called AED Malta and this is the story of how we got featured in one of the most popular Tech shows in Malta!

The AED Malta Mobile App

The AED Malta mobile app (available for both Apple and Android devices) is a not-for-profit project managed by the AED Malta team. We were engaged to build the mobile app and a social media presence that saw an overnight user base growth.

The app displays a map of all known Automated External Defibrillator (AED) locations in the Maltese islands and allows anyone to navigate to the nearest one using Geo-location technology. We have also included a number of other features to make the user experience superior:

  • Easily locate AEDs in Map View
  • Display the nearest AED to your current location (w/ location services on)
  • Click on AED to be accurately navigated in the shortest route possible
  • Pinch locator screen to view AEDs in your area
  • View instructional videos explaining how to operate the AED
Digital Health: AED Malta

Showcasing Digital Health on Maltese TV

Gadgets is one of Malta’s top tech TV shows that showcases technology and all things digital. After launching the AED Malta mobile app we started to campaign it across Malta and Gozo on Social Media. It only took a couple of weeks before we got noticed by local media.

We were eventually approached by the Gadgets production team to make a feature on AEDs, Digital Health in Malta, and the mobile app behind it.

AEDs in Malta

AEDs around Malta have been placed to possibly save someone's life! Be informed about these AEDs to make sure you're ready, just in case.

Geplaatst door Gadgets op Woensdag 6 maart 2019
Snippet of the AED Malta feature

Through the AED Malta project, our aim was to raise awareness on First Aid activities and the importance of AEDs. Apart from featuring the mobile app, we also invited Dr Stefan Buttigieg, a medical professional and Co-Founder of Health 2.0 Malta, to give his own perspective on the topic.

The importance of CSR initiatives

COSTANSIN engages in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. We believe that our values should be aligned with that of the society that we live in. For us, one way of showing CSR is to use tech to genuinely improve people lives in the society we are part of.

If you are an individual or organization with an idea for a good cause, get in touch! We specialize in web and mobile development and give priority to solutions that solve real-world problems.