ICT Consultancy Services

Managed IT Services Malta

COSTANSIN is the leading ICT Consultancy Services provider. Our team is made up of highly experienced IT engineers, IT architects and MBA business analysts. We have embarked on a number of ICT Consultancy projects, ranging from optimizing existent enterprise architectures to setting up new IT systems.

About the Consultancy Services

As an ICT Consultancy, we work with companies that have different IT needs. Some companies require detailed business analysis to enhance their IT Service Management, implement DevOps practices or introduce Agility in the software development life cycle.

Other companies might present more complicated scenarios, such as designing a solution to recover lost data, to provide business continuity or building disaster recovery solutions. Additionally, through our partners, we also help companies achieve compliance to a number of regulated standards such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS and GDPR, to name a few.

There are also a number of firms that approach us for Emerging Technologies Consultancy Services such as AI, Automation and Blockchain. Modern organizations want to innovate with managed risks, and this is where we can help.

Our consultancy services include pre-market research, detailed business analysis reports, and detailed project plans.

COSTANSIN bridges the gap between Business and IT requirements. As an ICT Consultancy agency, we can help you achieve modern IT practices even if you do not have an in-house dedicated team. Our specialists are ITIL qualified and adopt Agile principles.

v-CIO Services

The input of a Chief Information Officer or a Technology co-founder is extremely valuable to any organization. However we understand that most companies, due to the nature of their business, do not have IT executives that contribute at a strategy level of the organization. That’s why we have a Chief Information Officer available on-demand to our clients.

We came up with the concept of an on-demand virtual CIO service, v-CIO on-demand. Your organization can now avail of an on-demand IT business strategist during critical IT decision making. Examples include procurement processes, executive meetings, and senior IT talent interviews.

The v-CIO will be available on-site or represent the company in external meetings. Our v-CIO team is made up of individuals with technology management experience.

ICT Consultancy services are steadily becoming more important in today’s business world. We are backed up by business consultants with the necessary experience and credibility. Our advice and suggestions can make a significant difference in making important decisions that could impact your company’s future.

ICT Architecture Consultancy

We specialize in modern architecture designs that ensure scalability, availability and performance. We have helped organizations design systems that are fault tolerant, offering multi-site and Cloud redundancy.

Our team of consultants have industry certifications from Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Red Hat Linux, AWS and Azure, to name a few. Through our hands-on experience, we have helped companies shifting to the Cloud, using API driven designs, or shifting towards a containerized micro-services architecture.

Emerging Technology Consultancy

Some companies want to explore emerging tech like AI or Blockchain but do not have the necessary skills or resources. At COSTANSIN we do not stop at just consulting and training. We build proof-of-concepts (PoC) to give you a risk-free product demo that can be explored further with your investors.

COSTANSIN: We now develop chatbots to automate your business processes

Our team has worked on Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning, Chatbots and Robotic Process Automation projects. We have a number of clients who have used out PoC to validate it against a sample population and then engaged us again to scale the PoC to a fully working enterprise solution.

If you have an IT project and have no idea where to begin, get in touch! We specialize in v-CIO services, IT standards, Agile and DevOps Training, and Modern Architectures.