Launch of Innovative Job Matching Platform in Malta

By costansin
what vacancy

Costansin Limited is pleased to announce that it has launched WhatVacancy, an innovative Job Matching Platform. WhatVacancy is a world class and first of its kind online portal that allows companies to post jobs and match them automatically with the most suitable candidates. The project is being piloted in Malta and Gozo, and has already on-boarded hundreds of users since its first month of operation.

The First Job Matching Platform in Malta

WhatVacancy is a platform that enables organizations to tap into a global talent pool by connecting companies with job seekers. WhatVacancy is currently being piloted in Malta, one of the most popular tech hubs in Europe.

Since its first month of operation, WhatVacancy has been attracting talent from all over the world that are looking to find jobs in Malta.

What is so unique about WhatVacancy?

WhatVacancy is not any ordinary job listing portal. It is a Job Matching Platform. It allows job seekers and companies to interact with each other in a safe and anonymous way to protect the privacy of the job seekers.

Upon posting a new job on WhatVacancy, the platform will automatically match any organization with the most ideal candidates for the job. The computed match is based on skills, experience and the cultural values.

The platform is fully automated and uses the latest technology, including AI and full-text-search analysis to give you the best recommendations. Organizations are able to approach candidates and invite them to apply for exclusive vacancies.