Managed IT Services in Malta

Managed IT Services Malta

COSTANSIN Technology Group is one of the leading providers of Managed IT Services in Malta. Our Managed IT Services include IT Support, IT Consultancy, Data Backup and a wide range of IT Solutions. We are proud to be the chosen Managed Service Provider (MSP) for a number of businesses across Malta and Gozo.

Advantages of Managed IT Services

Given that the typical Maltese organization is a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME), it will be an extremely expensive exercise to have a fully fletched IT team to take care of all the IT processes. Processes such as Database Administration, Network Management, Windows or Linux Systems Administration, Cloud Architecture and Storage, Software Updates, and the list goes on. What if we told you that there is a cost effective and scalable way for any organization in Malta and Gozo to manage their IT resources?

COSTANSIN provides Managed IT Services in Malta (MSP) to bridge the gap between the capacity of an internal IT Department, and the increasing demand for digital transformation using specialist technologies. Managed IT Services in Malta makes perfect sense!

COSTANSIN employs talented engineers and specialists who are proficient in Database Administration, Software Development, Network Management and Cloud Architecture. Our team can handle your IT services and work as an extension of your business.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

It is not news that malware computer viruses are a threat to any company’s data, including those based in Malta. Let’s face it, cybersecurity threats know no geographical boundaries.

data backup

That’s why a number of Maltese companies trust us to design their Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to help them get back up and quickly following a technical disaster. Our engineering consultants will audit your processes and design a DRP that keeps a balance between Business Continuity and Cost.

Additionally, our Data Backup Services will make sure that all of your important assets are securely stored in line with GDPR requirements. You will have the peace of mind that your data is always protected and immediately restored if required.