Managed Services

COSTANSIN is a leading Managed Services Provider (MSP). Whether you have on-premises dedicated servers or a Cloud environment, we have the right technologies, people and processes in place. Our Managed Services model helps IT Managers and Executives to focus on more critical aspects of running the IT Organization. This means that we will take good care of your IT Assets and IT Service Management.

About Managed Services

Our Managed Services come in two tiers – the Engineering Essentials and the Engineering Plus. Both tiers include database, network, system and monitoring services.

The Engineering Essentials Managed Service is ideal for those clients looking to have basic infrastructure support, including NOC Services and Windows/Linux system administration. This tier is ideal for those organizations that do not have mission-critical IT Assets but still require someone to take care of their systems, making sure the servers and networks are up, and that data backup and recovery processes are available as needed.

COSTANSIN Managed Services engineering tiers

Our more popular option, the Engineering Plus Managed Service, is geared towards enterprise IT requirements such as Systems, Data and Cloud Architecture. In this tier we also provide DevOps and automation related managed services where we work closely with your software developers. This means that you can run an entire agency focusing on product development and leaving infrastructure management to us. The Engineering Plus tier is popular among many modern companies, whether small startups or large enterprises as it is likened to an extension of their team. Our clients include tech-startups, iGaming companies, and other organizations that do not have the necessary engineering skills to manage their infrastructure.

COSTANSIN has a highly trained team of system specialists that can handle both on-demand and preemptive tasks such as service monitoring, system administration and database administration. Our specialists are ITIL qualified, so our focus does not stop at the IT Asset but the IT Service.

Improve Service Quality

Our clients run very lean teams focusing on marketing and selling while escalating IT requests to us. We have a very advanced monitoring platform that is able to handle enterprise service level incidents in real-time. This means that we normally preempt any issues before our clients escalate to us. Minimizing service disruption can be a core strength to your business value.

Modern organizations are outsourcing most of their IT services. Abstracting ancillary activities from strategic ones is a smart move. This increases the long term value of any organization, whether a small company or a larger enterprise. A Managed IT Services approach provides more service continuity and lets the organization to focus on their core activities.

Flexible Plans

Our Managed Services packages come in flexible monthly subscription model that a customer can end at any time. Whether you choose the Engineering Essentials or the Engineering Plus packages, we guarantee peace of mind for your IT setup.

COSTANSIN Managed Services Model
COSTANSIN Managed Services Model

If you are interested in lowering your IT costs and improving Service Quality through Managed Services, get in touch! We specialize in Networks, Windows, Linux and Database management.