Mobile App Development in Malta

Mobile App Development in Malta

COSTANSIN is the leading company of Mobile App Development in Malta. No matter how simple or complex your mobile app idea is, with our agile iterative approach, we can help you.

Mobile App Development in Malta

Research conducted by COSTANSIN in 2019, suggests that the Maltese market has a large appetite for mobile apps. There are a number of very popular mobile apps currently being used by users in Malta and Gozo on a daily basis, whether to order food, a taxi, or some particular business service.

Engaging COSTANSIN to develop your mobile app is not only cost effective, due to our agile methodology, but also innovative. We use the latest technologies to deliver you features such as:

  • Push Notifications
  • Google or Apple Maps
  • Device Tracking
  • Camera Image File Uploads
  • User Registration
  • Payment Gateways
  • Chatbots
  • Instant Messaging

COSTANSIN provides Mobile App Development in Malta and Gozo for both Android and iPhone devices. We convert your idea into a stunning mobile app that generates immense value to your business.

Choose COSTANSIN for your Mobile App Development in Malta

Choosing COSTANSIN as your preferred Maltese partner for Mobile App Development can be explained in the reasons below:

  1. We use an iterative approach – we do not re-invent the wheel (unless you ask us!) . We prefer to take a look into your business systems and processes, and determine how a mobile app can help. You see, we are not just a bunch of code monkeys dwelling just inside the code. We take that extra step to truly leverage your business with the help of mobile ubiquity.
  2. Superior Customer Support – in the mobile app world, you need to be always ahead of mobile phone updates – whether it is an iPad, an Apple watch, or the latest Android OS. We save from all of that hassle and use our pro-active support to help you be at the top of your league.
  3. Mobile Apps for Both Apple and Android – having a mobile app is cool. But what is even better is making sure you deliver it to the world through Apple Store and Android Play Store. Now this is where it gets tricky – release your brand new app to these stores requires due diligence, compatibility testing and lots of paperwork. We take care of this to guarantee that your app always falls to the right people, anytime.