Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development in Malta

COSTANSIN is a leading provider of Mobile App Development. Our customers trust and choose us as their go-to option for Mobile App Development because we convert your idea, no matter how complex it is, and turn it into a stunning mobile app for Android or iPhone.

The importance of Apps

Research suggests that almost 99% of mobile device users worldwide who have a smartphone. The obvious important of apps is therefore the immense ubiquity. This, in turn, leads to a better engagement and user experience. Think about push notifications – these have been analysed as providing the most superior engagement experience for your customers when used diligently.

Mobile App Development in Malta

Building a business on a mobile app, or perhaps, even powering an existing business with an adjacent mobile app, will give you competitive edge. Mobile apps are designed to solve a complex solution in an intuitive way for the user. By leveraging screen gestures, such as swiping, scrolling, zooming, among others, can give you unlimited options to interact with your user. Additionally, you can allow the user to use mobile hardware, such as the camera or GPS, to upload certain details.

COSTANSIN provides affordable Mobile App Development in for both Android and iPhone devices. We convert your idea into a stunning mobile app that generates immense value to your business.

Why we are the preferred Mobile App Development for both small and medium scale organizations?

Choosing COSTANSIN as your preferred partner for Mobile App Development can be explained in the reasons below:

  1. We build Solutions and not just a hip mobile app to be trendy – let’s face it, some problems are more effectively solved through a mobile application rather than a website. We are therefore focused on creating value for your business.
  2. Launch and market your App earlier – we use modern project management techniques and Agile methodologies to develop our software solutions, including mobile apps. Thus, you will have a working mobile app much earlier than our competitors are able to deliver.
  3. Progressive Development – since we use agile methodologies, we are also able to start as early as a prototype and develop it progressively to give you the ability of a risk-free investment. As a customer you can track, monitor and provide instant feedback as we start shaping your app.
  4. Intellectual Property is yours – unlike our competitors, you will retain full intellectual property of your mobile app. This means that the software code will be yours and you are always free to swap to a different supplier should you decide so in the future.