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Scheduled247 is the leading appointment scheduling software that combines simplicity with flexibility. Creating a calendar of appointments can be done in just three steps.

Why You Should Have An Appointment Scheduling Software?

Apart from improving your customer experience, which is the most obvious answer? Well, think about all the time you save from automating all your booking interaction with your customers. Avoid back-n-forth emails and telephone calls which may still result in erroneous double bookings!

Look professional and expose yourself to more customers by sharing your calendar. For example, with Scheduled247 you can book an appointment with us by clicking on a cool link like this –

Introducing Scheduled247

This appointment scheduling software is one of our most popular SaaS applications with over 1,000 businesses a month – from entrepreneurs to startups, and larger organizations. Its popularity stems from being:

  • Easy to get started – In just three steps, your business can have its own scheduling calendar that you can share with your customers or embed on your website.
  • Extremely fast – Using latest Cloud technology, customers can book appointments immediately without any loading time that deters their user experience. Additionally, as a business, you will be notified immediately, almost real-time, with an email, when an appointment is made.
  • Extremely flexible – Unlike other scheduling software, you can create a calendar for any kind of business. Whether you are a doctor and want to schedule 15 minute appointments that cater one customer at a time, or a restaurant or classroom that wants to schedule 1 hour appointments that can hold multiple users at the same time, Scheduled247 can really meet all of your needs.
  • Extremely cost effective – Imagine all the time you save (not to mention the embarrassment from double bookings) by having a robust system automating your bookings in a reliable way. No need to employ someone to manage your customer bookings. Also, with our innovative and flexible subscription model, you can have any type of online booking integration that suits your business needs.
  • Extremely reliable and secure – We do not allow anonymous bookings. Our online booking platform is tamper-proof and all of the bookings are stored securely in the cloud. Additionally, we are PCI-DSS compliant, which means that your payment card details are stored securely by our suppliers part of the PayPal group.
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Online Booking System

If you want to explore how Scheduled247 can help you accept online bookings, get in touch!