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Validate Vat is the leading Vat Number Validation Tool and EU Vat Rates API. Start validating vat numbers and charge the correct Vat Rates in just a few steps.

Why You Should Have A Vat Number Validation & EU Vat Rates Software?

If you sell digital goods to customers located in Europe, EU laws require that private customer must be charged a VAT irrespective of whether the supplier is inside the EU or outside the EU.

The VAT rate depends on the customer’s location and the type of item. Additionally, from time to time these Vat rates might change when the respective country announces their yearly financial reports.

Business customers with a valid VAT Number are exempt from being surcharged.

Are you confused? That’s why we have developed Validate Vat – the Validate Vat API helps you get the official EU VAT rates and check VAT numbers in real-time securely and accurately.

Instant Vat Validation. First 100 requests are on us!

Introducing Validate Vat

This Vat Validation software is one of our most popular SaaS applications with over 100,000,000 Vat requests a month – from entrepreneurs to startups, and larger organizations.

We have unparalleled features:

  • Validate Vat Numbers – Easily and securely check if a VAT number is valid. You can use our interactive tool or the flexible JSON API.
  • EU Vat Rates – Get the most updated and official EU VAT Rates by country code and type of digital goods.
  • Vat Price Calculation – Accurate calculations of pricing including VAT by country code and digital good type.
  • Company Information – Perform VAT number lookup to get official updated company information from the national EU states Tax databases.
  • 256-bit Encryption – All communication between you and Validate Vat servers are secure and encrypted through enterprise grade SSL.
  • JSON API – Our JSON API is easy and flexible to use. Plug in with your e-commerce platform (WordPress, Shopify, etc) or your own custom web application.
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Get real-time Vat Validation results in JSON with our secure API

If you want to explore how Validate Vat can help your eCommerce business, get in touch!