Our Website Development Process

By costansin
Website Development

Website development is something that we truly enjoy doing! In fact, while we were on a short break between customer projects, we decided to revamp our old website. This blog post aims at explaining how we went about developing our own website!
Given our time commitments, and given that this was a housekeeping exercise, we kept the website design process relatively simple.

1. Understand the business

It all started by determining what business we are currently doing and what business we will be eventually doing. This helps with planning the content creation. And let’s be honest – this exercise should be done every time your business strategy changes. So, take a step back, think, and write (pen and paper are great!) all the services pr products you intend to sell.

2. Perception for our customers

We then decided on the look and feel of the website. Our designers have done a great job at building our new website, focusing more on delivering our message in the most intuitive way, while branding ourselves as fresh, young and energetic.

Website development is not just a technical exercise. There are many moving wheels around the whole process – from analyzing your business strategy, to how you want to be perceived by your employees and your clients. Done well, website design can be the cornerstone for the success of a business.

3. Speed and Performance

We have also revamped the back-end technologies powering this website. We used WordPress and built on a custom theme while removing any unnecessary plugins and JavaScript files. Most of the content you are seeing is probably either cached or served through a content delivery network.

4. SEO and User Experience

Result? You can see with your own eyes and hopefully you are experiencing a faster browsing experience while we get to know each other! We are so happy with the new website. It gets optimal SEO results, and looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.

If you like what you’re seeing, get in touch! We specialize in website development with particular focus on lightning speed performance and SEO.