Internet Technologies

Experts in IT, Project Management & Online Marketing

What we do at Costansin

Custom software

We are here to provide the best solution that suits your needs, no matter how small or big your business is. Our team is ready to take a challenge.

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Cloud integration

We offer support for integration with any major cloud platform, making sure that everything is optimized for speed and stability.

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Mobile apps

We develop products for any platform, be it iOS, Windows Phone or Android, so you can have access to your business whenever you need it the most.

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Applications types

  • Enterprise Social Network
  • Responsive web applications
  • RESTful web services
  • Cross-platform web mobile applications
  • Native mobile applications
  • Content management systems
  • Document management systems
  • Public and private cloud integration and management

How we work


Tell us about your idea. What are your business needs? What are your users needs? What is your vision of the completed product? It's all right if you don't know all the answers we can help you find them.


A glimpse into the future. See what your product will look like, on any device. Even more, now you have the chance to get the first feedback from your users.


Bringing your idea to life. Using the adequate technology for the job we ensure that we keep velocity high and cost of ownership low. We architect systems built to scale and expand alongside your business.


Deployment. We can deploy anywhere - be it on premises or in the cloud, the choice is yours. We take pride in our work and we ensure that the final product is what you’ve imagined it to be.


It doesn’t need to end here. As your business grows, we’ll be right by your side to ensure that you can accomplish everything you imagine. Have a new idea? Tell us more.
We can use both open source software or established enterprise products. We’ll find a solution that fits your existing infrastructure and your budget.
Unit and integration tests ensure that we can quickly and safely add new features to your product.