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We provide end-to-end managed services, technology and consulting to enable the digital workplace for enterprise, midsize and small businesses.

Consultancy Services

Not sure where to start and how your business can leverage IT? Let's walk the talk!

Managed Services

We can securely manage your entire IT Infrastructure whether on-premises or on the Cloud

Software Services

Our team of experts can integrate existing vendor solutions or build bespoke software for the web and the mobile

Award winning Tech Solutions Provider

Solid IT Strategy Outsource IT Processes Secure on Cloud Build Mobile Apps Build Custom Software

Companies have trusted us to manage their IT processes. We have built software that powers emerging technology startups and large enterprises.

We build websites, mobile applications and manage your IT infrastructure, whether on premise or on the Cloud.

Over 15 years of experience working with international firms

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What we do

Our unique value proposition

virtual cio

Virtual CIO Popular

We understand that most companies do not have a technology director or co-founder due to the nature of the business. That's why we have a Chief Information Officer available on-demand to our clients

solutions integration

Solutions Integration

We are partners with Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon, to name a few. We build on the shoulders of giants to deliver quality results, be it for Cloud, Database, Security or any other Infrastructure need.



We deliver one-on-one and class-based training to your business after implementation of an IT system. We understand that with proper training, resistance to change can drastically reduce.

mobile app development

Mobile App Development Popular

We have a team of mobile app specialists that focus on building native mobile apps for Android and Apple. Enhance your brand with a mobile reach.

software development

Software Development

Unlike other firms, we look beyond at what the market offers off-the-shelf. Through our bespoke software services, we can help you build a solution that is tailor made for you.

website design and seo

Website Design & SEO

We build robust and super-fast websites that rank well on Google. We have been on the scene long enough to understand how Google works. Besides, your website will be always protected on the Cloud!

infrastructure management

Infrastructure Management Popular

Whether your IT team is small or you do not have one, you can outsource your IT processes to us. We have a team of engineers that can support your company 24x7!

emerging tech

Emerging Tech New

We understand that some companies want to explore emerging tech like AI or Blockchain but do not have the skills or resources. At COSTANSIN we do not stop at just consulting and training. We can build PoC products and scale it to your needs.

data backups and recovery

Data Backups and Recovery

You do not need to employ full-time DBAs to manage your data assets. We have automated systems that can be integrated with your business process to take care of backups and recovery.


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